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9 things to do after your yoga class

Radiant Sol Yoga Port Melbourne

Class finishes and you're in a Savasana daze - so here’s our top tips on how can you continue that bliss all throughout your day or evening…

1 - Don’t look at your phone!

Easier for the evenings classes, a little harder for the mornings or during the day, but if you can keep your phone away for a good hour after your class, you’ll keep that presence and mindfulness to yourself, rather than others.

2 - Eat something healthy, like an apple

Apples contain natural sugars and lots of fibre, which will keep you hydrated and sustained long after your class. That’s why we have them in the studio!

3 - Keep your eyes closed for a few mins

If you don’t have to scoot off quickly, stay, absorb and meditate. There’s no point doing a yoga class if you’re just going to go back into the world of cray straight away.

4 - Clean your mat!

Whether you were sweating up a storm or just yin’ing around, cleaning your mat just helps close off the class and set the space for your next practice.

5 - Take your intention with you!

Your 60 minutes of letting your intention swirl through your practice shouldn’t end when you leave the studio. The work we do on our yoga mats isn’t for the 4 walls of the studio, it’s so we can can our lessons out into the real world.

6 - Drink water!

You’ve just spent the last 60 minutes soaking in your best self - so rehydrate! We should always aim for 8 glasses of water a day, and a splash more if we exercise.

7 - Have a bath

Rehydrate and pamper your skin from the outside in. You can even pick up some Freya’s bath salts from the studio.

8 - Debrief with someone If you've had something come up during your class and not too sure how to take it, or you feel like you've achieved something - talk to someone about it, celebrate the wins, discuss your feelings, let it all go. Yoga is chance for you to express yourself and if that means you need to let something out, then let it out - your yoga teacher or great RSY community is always ready to chat.

9 - Oil up Have you noticed out little Refresh Station up the front of the studio? With Mindful Mist and Essential Oils? These items are not only a great addition for the start of your class to set the tone, but also perfect to close the class. A spritz or a drop will let you take the Radiant vibes away with you all day long.

Savour the experience and you'll feel the benefits of yoga all throughout your day :)

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