We've been teaching online since March 2020, and I hope you don't mind us saying, we've got pretty good at it.

The main thing we look for with our online offering is keeping you up to date with a consistent, quality practice. Just as you'd find in the studio, but at home. 

From on demand to live, specific practices through to tutes and course, we've got you covered. 

Radiant At-Home is the perfect 'Sol-o' experience.

Here you'll find all our Radiant teachers in one place, offering their unique classes to the Radiant Sol community. 

With a daily Live schedule, along with On-Demand playback of all Live classes, plus heaps more, you'll be able to keep to a schedule or create your own. 

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Our online offerings:

All Access: On-Demand and Live classes
– $12.50 per week (subscription)

Unlimited access to playback of all our classes, along with access to our Live scheduled classes

Purchasing On-Demand gives you access to Live

Day Pass - $15 for 24hrs (all access!)

Live Classes Only
– $6.50 per week (subscription)

Access to 2-3 classes per day to our Live scheduled classes

Day Pass - $10 for 24hrs

Radiant Community Access - FREE

Tones of free meditation classes to watch on demand, plus the odd live class.

Radiant Pose Lab - $10

Easy 9-part course unpacking familiar shapes you'll find in any vinyasa class

Radiant 6-Week Prenatal Course - $55

6-Week Courses with weekly classes and lots of tutorials to watch in your own time

Plus heaps more..

No commitment on subscriptions, cancel anytime.

Products to choose from 

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On Demand Library

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Live class schedule