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Why I listen to yoga classes at home

I love the uniqueness that each of our yoga teachers bring to their classes, so beautiful and truly them each and every time.

When in a class, I could easily just lay back and listen to them guide the class, whether it's a Yin or a Power Flow. Just hearing their voices delivers a sense of calm.

That's why I've taken to listening to their classes at home. Just as if I were listening to a podcast or the radio, I chuck on a random class, turn up the volume and take to my normal life stuff.

Whilst this might seem a bit odd, I got thinking about it a little more and realised there are some really good reasons for doing this.. and they might resonate with you, too!

I always say that online classes aren't for everyone, but they can come in handy, and I think there might be a reason for that handiness in here!

  1. Yoga teachers speak with purpose We like to only say what we need to say. Otherwise our classes get a bit cluttered. So when you start listening to someone speaking with a clear intention, with space around the words, with a breath here and there, you mind works with that pace. Think of it comparing to listening to fast heavy music, you mind will follow along to the pace of the music, the beat. With clearly spoken words, you can slow down and seek clarity in your day.

  2. Monkey see, monkey do If someone sitting next to you says take a deep breath, there's a good chance that you'll naturally take a deep breath. It's instinctive. Like when you see someone yawn, and yes, I'm yawning just thinking about writing that! So when listening to a yoga class, you'll naturally pick up some cues to take a breath when you might be a bit stagnate, you'll stretch your arms out, you might even do a random Warrior 2 whilst pottering around the house. Just listening to someone you trust will assist in what I like to call 'freebie movements', cos you really can't get enough stretch in your day!

  3. Enhance your personal practice In the thick of a class, we might not get to hear all the details about what is being said about the asanas were moving into. We might miss the stretch target area, the important directions to get into it safely, the insights into the big why of yoga. By allowing a yoga class to be heard, we can start to understand the practice a bit better. By eliminating the need to do, we can just listen and learn, so the next time we hit the mat, we might have a better idea of what to do, or what not to do.

  4. A physical practice might not be possible, but being part of it can help Whether you're differently abled or injured, whatever it be, sometimes, making it to a class and doing yoga isn't possible, but it doesn't mean it's not for you. The physical practice is only one part of a yoga practice. Throughout a 60 min class we weave an assortment of yogic gems throughout. That might be pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mantra. Whilst there are face to face classes that can cater to the needs of us all, sometimes, a tightly packaged up Power Flow class mixed with just the right amount of wisdom at the right time can't be beat.

Well, I think they're some pretty good reasons to listen to a class at home. So next time you go for a podcast, give listening to one of our yoga teachers' classes a crack and report back!

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