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Why should I do yoga?

Yoga is a great practice and exercise that is suitable for pretty much everyone, in one way or another.

  • If you have a body, you can do yoga.

  • If you breathe, you can do yoga.

  • If you have a mind, you can do yoga.

You don't need to be flexible, you don't need to be able-bodied, you don't need to have all the time available or even have money to do it. The practice itself is quite simple, and always has been.

In our modern world, we've overcomplicated it a bit. This practice has been around for thousands of years and has a variety of linages and adaptations and through all this, in today's world, there's an expectation that it's harder to start than what it is. That we need to be better at it before we even begin.

Well, that's just not true.

The beauty of this practice is that is available to you at any time of your life. At any time of the day. And in any form that suits you.

There are plenty of reasons why yoga might be of benefit to you, it might

  • reduce stress in the body and mind

  • improve your balance and stamina

  • increase mental awareness

  • generate energy and alertness

  • be a form of exercise

  • allow you to be mindful and slow down

  • help develop a better understanding of your body

  • support a healthy lifestyle

  • complement other activities you do

  • help process traumas and emotions

  • create a place for you to explore what you do and don't like

Simply the act of showing up can be enough.

Let's unpack that idea of showing up.. you know when you think about something so much, or put something off, that when you finally make the first step to do it, everything just feels a little bit better, a bit lighter, a step in the right direction. Well that's what happens when you constantly show up for your yoga practice. Day by day. Week by week. Whenever and however it is, bit by bit, life is lighter. It's all still there, but it's a bit lighter, and easier to manage.

And this is where we can put pressure on ourselves. We can have an expectation that our yoga practice should look a certain way. That we need fancy leggings and blonde hair. Well again, that's crap and really, it turns into an excuse. An barrier towards entry. An excuse that's curated by society.

You don't need to ever be able to touch your toes, you don't even need a yoga mat. You can do it in a chair, in bed, in your pjs. You can do it warming up before a run, you can do it whilst driving.

It's a mindset. A moment. A way of life.

It doesn't define who you are or what makes you better or worse than the next person. It's an inner knowing and acceptance of yourself and what motivates and supports you through this world.

So why should you do yoga?

Only you can answer that. And today, you might receive the answer. But also, you might not. And that's ok.


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