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Benefits of yoga in the morning

When we say “rise and shine”, we mean it!

In winter, it’s especially hard to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed. This is partly due to the lack of Vitamin D we experience during the cold and overcast months of the year which can cause natural fatigue and tiredness. Our bodies crave sleep because our melatonin levels are higher making our bodies seem sluggish and lethargic, this is known as seasonal affect disorder (SAD).

Yes, taking vitamin D tablets might help, but there is another way. Practicing yoga in winter has amazing benefits for the body - and it’s all natural!

We know you might not want to hear it, but waking up early to do a yoga session is more beneficial for you in winter than ever. The benefits of winter yoga listed below become more effective if done in the morning. Early morning exercise can boost metabolism and therefore induces all the listed benefits to act quicker so that you can sooner feel the positive effects!

These positive effects include:

  • It helps fight SAD - numerous studies have linked regular yoga to improved mental health, including fighting Seasonal Affect Disorder

  • It stretches out tight muscles that keep you aligned (both in body and mind) - Yoga can help get the lower body back to where it should be, in particular your hip flexors that tighten up the most in winter

  • It boosts your immune system and improves circulation - Yoga helps the body cleanse the kidneys and liver and lowers our stress level; all of which provide an immune boost as well as heat to the extremities of the body that usually experience cold sensations during winter, like the hands and feet

  • It can help you avoid winter weight gain - whilst it’s no marathon or spin class, the movements in yoga loosen your joints and muscles unlike strenuous exercise. It is vital for the body to stretch and breathe in order to function at its best

Set your alarm and commit to our next 6:15 am yoga class so you can literally rise out of bed, and shine after class!

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