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Carmelle's Clean Green Breakfast

I have this every single week day morning for breakfast because I need something healthy to start my day off right, I can’t eat too much when I’m teaching or practicing, it keeps me full for 3+ hours and if the rest of the day goes awry, I know I’ve had my hit of all the goodness!

If I’m leaving home early, I make it the night before. The protein powder is KEY otherwise it’ll taste awful - trust me on this one.

Try it, it’s one of the best daily habits I’ve formed.


  • 1/2 zucchini

  • 1/4 large avo

  • Handful spinach

  • Handful kale

  • Small chunk of ginger

  • Scoop of plant based protein powder in vanilla

  • Teaspoon of macha powder

  • Teaspoon of super greens

  • Dash of coconut milk

  • Filtered water to make a litre of smoothie


Whizz it on up baby!

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