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5 Back To Regular Routine Tips

After the summer holidays, getting back into our regular routines can be a bit of a drag. Here are 5 easy to adopt tips to make this time of year a little more streamlined! 1. Plan out your week - when you know exactly what’s on the agenda, you won’t feel so overwhelmed when things start picking up. 2. Avoid making appointments if you don’t have to - ‘just because’ isn’t always the best excuse to do something, if you’re not feeling it, don’t do it. 3. Take a break and meditate - even if it’s just for 5 minutes with your eyes shut at your desk, it all adds up and helps clear the mind. 4. Eat well - getting back into daily life after the holidays sometimes means falling into bad eating patterns -pack healthy snacks in your bag to be prepared. 5. Go outside - get some sun on your face and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. Bonus tip - plan your next holiday! When you have something to look forward to, life moves along a little smoother. Our Radiant Retreat in August will make that perfect little getaway! Namaste! 🙏 

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