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The evergreen experience of all things yoga.


At Radiant, we will always see ourselves as students, as beginners, no matter how 'experienced' we each are.

That's why on the first and third Saturday of each month, we hold a 90-minute Beginners Yoga Masterclass "Yoga Essentials".


So whether you're brand-spanking new to yoga, or know your way around a mat, these special Masterclasses are a great way to learn, and unlearn the practice of yoga.

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What is a Yoga Essentials Masterclass?

This Masterclass is Radiant's take on the foundations of your yoga practice - a practice for every body.

No matter your level or experience on the mat.

Yoga basics catering to all

From moving through Sun Salutations to learning about breathing, mastering standing asanas or learning how to overcome the fear around a backbend, each Masterclass will take you on a journey of alignment, embodiment and unity. 


Class format

Each Masterclass is treated like a workshop, offering the extra space for our teacher to guide you through the basics of the practice - breaking down sequences or asanas, giving time to alignment and focussing on the specifics. 

As each Masterclass caters to those in the room, if there's something you want to learn more about, this can be included into the session.

Each class includes a warm-up, movement through a sequence based on the class's theme, a pose lab break down, a chance to move through the sequence implementing what you've learned, a cool down and a lovely long savasana. 


A safe practice is a long term practice

Alignment plays such a big role in our yoga practice, so knowing where and why we cue the things we cue in a class can be a game-changer with your time on the mat. 

How to join and pay?

These Masterclasses are part of our regular schedule, which means you can book with any of our passes or memberships.

If you're brand new to Radiant, you can take up our 21 Day Studio Intro Pass, offering 3 weeks of unlimited yoga, so you can make the Yoga Essentials Masterclass, and then any of our other classes!

Who is this class for? 

Everyone!! Our Yoga Essentials classes are perfect for beginners learning the ropes through to advanced students looking to improve their practice - there is always something new to learn. 


Variety is key

We aim to share the load a little with the Masterclasses, so our teachers will alternate around. This is a great way to get to learn more from our teachers, too.


Is this a course?

Not quite. We want to ensure our 'Beginners' Yoga Essentials Masterclasses are available to everyone, no matter how long or not so long you've been practicing, so we've made these Masterclasses available and useful to a long-term practice. These are just like a normal class to book on the schedule!



Do I have to attend these consecutively? 

Nope. If you do one, that's totally fine!

You might like to try to attend a couple over the course of a few months as a beginners, just to help round out your understanding of the practice. It can be a lot all at once sometimes!


Can't make it in person?

No worries​, we have a 4-Part Online Course, so you can learn at home at your own pace!

More details on that here.

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