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Cecily Chun

Slow Flow | Yin

I would describe myself as a happy person. I am a homebody by nature. I could easily spend my days just hanging out around the house with my husband and my two young boys, drinking endless cups of tea and listening to music. 


Cooking is one of my greatest passions. I love nothing more than whipping up something yummy to eat for family and friends. I'm also into health, natural healing and wholesome organic foods (I bet you haven't heard that from a yogi right?).


And I love yoga. It has changed my life in so many ways. It has guided me, nurtured me and allowed me to grow into a much more grounded and positive person.

Claire Bradshaw

Slow Flow | Yin | Move & Restore | Meditation


Claire completed her first yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India in 2014 after having practiced yoga for 10 years.  Initially, she was inspired to go deeper into the practice following both injury and stress, after working in a fast paced corporate environment.  Over time she became fascinated by the mind body connection and how the practice helped her to reconnect better to herself and the world around her.  


Fast forward a few years later after intense personal practice & teaching in Barcelona, she returned to Melbourne to teach in studios.  Today, Claire teaches a mindful flow, with challenging postures, pranayama and meditation, whilst interweaving the deep spiritual teachings that the practice offers. Claire knows from personal experience just how deeply healing yoga is and she finds absolute joy in sharing this with others


Claire is also a holistic life coach & hosts a podcast called ‘Becoming Whole’. She loves to travel, speak Spanish, cycle around the city, meander around vintage markets and she is an incessant reader of spiritual books.

Stephan Davis

Yoga Essentials | Power Flow


My spiritual teacher once told me, “Yoga is the conscious path of the responsible man and woman”. It
seemed so easy to digest at the time. I practice Yoga…I teach Yoga. I must certainly be happier than
most. The truth is that…I have experienced much suffering and, sometimes I have lost touch with my
authentic practice. But Yoga is so much more than just the practice of it for me, Yoga is the reintegration
of the natural orders of existence – harmony, impermanence, love, synergy and truth.


Being a teacher usually means you have the knowledge and the student desires it. Often that is true,
however yoga is also self-directed. It is an intimate exploration of Self, with just enough outward
attention so that the teacher can explore alongside you. My Yoga coaches and teachers from here and
far across the world have held space during my life changes and choices but Yoga has been the path that
was underneath me. It has held me in my transition from a life of Global Corporate life to becoming a

Transformational Coach which is a way of life. It has beckoned me as I have ebbed and flowed from self-
interest; to my dedication to enabling a socially responsible business landscape and supporting
humanity on its path to reconnection. Yoga is my conscious path. My Yoga is my life.

Lucy Bradshaw

Slow Flow

Coming soon - too busy teaching and having a baby!

Lauren Crocker

Power Flow

Coming soon - too busy teaching and having a baby!

Hamford McDonald

Functional Flow

Coming soon - too busy teaching!

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Kelvin Wong

Power Flow | Slow Flow | Yin


What’s your teaching style?

Fun, engaging and strong - I want to leave my students feeling happy and nurtured.


What are you working on in your practice right now?

The Art of Stillness.


Favorite experience while teaching?

Seeing my students evolve and grow warms my heart. That is my favorite experience while teaching. 


Any hidden talents?

I was in the military for 2 years. I was able to strip an M16 in under 3 minutes and assemble it back. 

Danielle Joan Pollock

Slow Flow | Yin | Meditation

What inspires you?

The simple things. Sudko puzzles, jacaranda trees, searching for four-leaf clovers. 


What is your place in Melbourne?

Albert Park Lake. There's something that resonates with me at that place. 


Favorite Asana and why?

Trikonasana, triangle pose. I love the steps to get into it, the little adjustments throughout to find my place, using props to adjust and support, the feeling it leaves as I exit. Feet, legs, hips, obliques, shoulders, arms, everything gets attention and works together. 

Jules Jenkinson

Slow Flow | Yin | Restorative Yoga Nidra


At an early age, Jules was able to create an understanding of movement and flow through calisthenics and dance.  


The practice and spirituality of Yoga later came to Jules as a way to continue to move and as she travelled around the world.


Surrounded by inspiring teachers, classes, workshops, and her own self-study became more frequent, soon leading to her first training. Jules has been guided under many influential local and international teachers namely under the tutelage of global Prana Flow Teacher Shiva Rea.

Jules encourages growth and interconnection of the physical and spiritual self within students, and seeks to help others thrive by nurturing own body and soul wisdom through yoga. Her hope is that her students will step off their mat and into everyday life with that same nourishment and balanced approach. 

Melody Yeung

Power Flow | Power Express

Movement, flow and strength through sequencing that makes sense. This is what inspires and excites me in sharing a Vinyasa yoga practice with you. After 10 years of sitting behind a computer desk and working long hours in advertising and events, I took a leap and made a life-altering shift to teach yoga full-time and though it's scary, there are no regrets. I still love the creativity of graphic design (and still do freelance), but felt I needed to make my aspirations, my reality.


Nowadays, I design sequencing for modern-day yogis who are looking for a little more physicality in their asana practice; think conditioning and some non-yogi exercises that build power and strength in your foundation. All this coming from my love of dance, handstands, circus skills, rock climbing and my most dreaded (but I still do it) running. 


Yoga is what you make it; let yourself practice freely with a smile, have a bit of fun and hopefully, you come out the other side feeling energised, a little stronger and ready to take on whatever life has in store. 

Sarah Jane Cramond

Slow Flow | Prenatal


Sarah Jane has a background in aerial and ground based circus arts, performing arts and children’s education. Like many, she began practicing yoga as a means to improve her flexibility and strength, however, it wasn’t long before she felt the broader benefits of yoga seep into her life.  

An avid believer that ‘it’s a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect’; Sarah Jane brings a light hearted energy, encourages playful curiosity, and creates safe environments for her students to connect openly and positively with all the parts of their internal and external selves.

Her classes combine mindful breath work, purposeful sequencing and fluid transitions as tools to find space in the body, stillness in the mind and to connect to, understand, and develop the self.


As host to a full time monkey mind, Sarah Jane savours the grounding and pause that yoga offers; the space for stillness, presence and calm- benefits of the practice she aims to share with her students. 


Sometimes challenging, sometimes soft, Sarah Jane’s classes are always created with purpose and awareness, leaving students feeling centred and connected, and with more space in both mind and body.

Sarah Bunnell

Slow Flow | Yin & Meditation


Coming soon - too busy teaching!

Rachel Grace

Power Flow | Slow Flow | Yin


Coming soon - too busy teaching!

Jamie Lee Auchettl

Slow Flow | Mums/Dads & Bubs | Prenatal | Kids Yoga


Coming soon - too busy teaching!

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