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Danielle Joan Pollock

Slow Flow | Yin

Welcome to my home. 


Find Danielle on Instagram here.


Sarah Machado

Slow Flow | Yin

Sometimes the best practice we can give ourselves is to shake and release that tension stuck in our tissues.

Find Sarah on Instagram here.

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Caroline Vizec

Slow Flow | Yin | Prenatal

Committed to sharing the awareness of the body, mind sprit, and joy of movement.​

Find Caroline on Instagram here.


Betty Khumtong

Power Flow

A passionate Scorpio and a Manifesting Generator.

Find Betty on Instagram here.


Cecily Chun

Slow Flow | Yin 

Yoga queen, mumma to two boys, always looking for the next handstand opp. 


Find Cecily on Instagram here.


Rebecca Meldrum

Power Flow | Slow Flow | Yin

Radiant baby ❤️ 

Find Rebecca on Instagram here.

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Lydia Richards

Slow Flow | Yin | Yoga Nidra

Your local Bhakti 💓 Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ and Sound 🎶 queen.

Find Lydia on Instagram here.

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Alan Richardson

Power Flow | Vinyasa Flow 

Found the "something more" to life in yoga. 

Find Alan on Instagram here.


Jennifer Ma


Found the "something more" to life in yoga. 

Find Jennifer on Instagram here.


Sally Priestley

Slow Flow | Yin

Yoga, somatic & energetic practices rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science. Sage wisdom for body & soul.

Find Sally on Instagram here.

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Leonie Lockwood

Slow Flow | Yin

Breathing in I calm the body.

Breathing out I smile.

Find Leonie on Instagram here.


Christina Gagnier

Slow Flow | Yin | Mellow

Somatic healing for the body, mind & soul

Find Christina on Instagram here.


Kelvin Wong

Slow Flow | Yin

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else? 


Find Kelvin on Instagram here.

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Rose Louey

Power Flow | Slow Flow | Yin

Continually evolving. 

Find Rose on Instagram here.


Isabel Sutherland

Power Flow | Beginners

UK, corporate, yoga, Port.


Nick Fischer

Vinyasa Flow | Yin

Meditate, contemplate, breathe, move, one day at a time. 

Find Nick on Instagram here.


Lucy Bradshaw

Slow Flow | Yin

From dedicated Radiant member to teacher, this is the full circle of a Radiant yogi.


Find Lucy on Instagram here.


Katie Byford

Slow Flow | Power Flow

Building a strong bond between body and mind through the peace and space yoga offers.

Find Katie on Instagram here.


Katie Yates

Power Flow

Practising, teaching, and learning about yoga

Find Katie on Instagram here.

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