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Cecily Chun

Slow Flow | Yin 

Yoga queen, mumma to two boys, always looking for the next handstand opp.  

Sarah Bunnell

Slow Flow | Yin

A gentle soul seeking the beach.  

Sarah Jane Cramond

Power Flow | Essentials | Prenatal

Ran away from the circus to join the yogis.  

Kelvin Wong

Slow Flow | Yin

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?  

Rachel Grace

Power Flow | Slow Flow

Fiddle lead trees and backbends are life essentials. 

Lucy Bradshaw

Slow Flow | Yin

No relation to Claire! 

Lauren Crocker

Power Flow

Bubba Atlas in one arm, cuppa tea in the other.  

Lou West

Slow Flow

Life is beautiful and I have time.  

Danielle Joan Pollock

Slow Flow | Yin

You and me and the Bon makes three.  

Jamie-Lee Auchettl

Slow Flow | Prenatal | Mums & Bubs

Will make you an embarrassing cartoon photo video for your birthday.  

Jules Jenkinson

Slow Flow | Yin

The beginning to the end, and all the spaces in between.