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Reopening Friday 29th October for 6:!5pm Yin with Leonie!

Before arriving at Radiant, please familiarise yourself with our procedures to ensure you and the community can continue to practice safely at Radiant Sol Yoga.

Safety is the name of the game.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

As per Vic Gov rules, all teachers, staff and students must be double vaccinated when visiting Radiant.

Please send through your Vaccination Certificate (or valid exemption) ahead of time to help us manage this process. Info will not be stored, but your profile will be updated with the ✅ so you only have to show us the once.

Email your Vax Cert now!

Bookings are essential

We have a limited amount of mats per class, so please book to ensure you don't miss out.

Masks on

Please wear your mask in and around the studio.

You may remove your mask when at your mat and breath is compromised for exercise.

If you have forgotten your mask, we have $10 donation reusable masks available to purchase. Donations go towards the monthly charities we support:

• Pay The Rent

• Edgars Mission


If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please let staff know, and please continue to practice social distancing around the studio. 

Social distancing

Please​ continue to keep your distance in the studio when in communal spaces. 

QR Code sign in

Upon arriving - sign in with the QR Code placed around the studio.

This is a Gov regulation to keep track of who is where to ensure if there is an outbreak, things can be nipped in the budd quickly.

How are you feeling? 

If you're feeling unwell, fever, or coughing or sneezing,

please stay home. Get tested. Join the class online.

Keep up to date with exposure sites

If you have been to any of these places, do no come to the studio, get tested, stay home.

Sanitiser stations

You'll find these at the front door, at reception and out the back and are required to use them upon arrival and throughout your time at Radiant. Before you grab any of our pros or use our lockers, please clean your hands.

Shoes off

Some things never change - shoes off at entry.

You'll find a little more space around this area, too.

Please keep to 1 person in here at a time. 

BYO mat

Whilst we do have our studio mats available to borrow, we do encourage to BYO your yoga mats.

Our studio mats are found out the back, they must be cleaned and tightly rolled back up and returned to the tube where you found it after class. 

Please clean down your mat after practice, especially if you are storing at the studio - this also clears the air.

Studio blocks will now be available to use during practice. These must be thoroughly cleaned down after class.


The use of our bolsters are back for our Yin classes.

Please be sure to BYO clean towel so you can use a bolster.

Bolsters may not be used without a clean towel.

Before grabbing a bolster, please sanitise your hands.

BYO clean towel

This is a very good habit to get into. Not only is it good for sweaty practices, but it's handy to support knees or longer holds.

Clean towels must also be brought along for use of our bolsters.


We have recently reintroduced straps at the studio - before grabbing one of these straps, please sanitise your hands. 

Bring water

Stay healthy, keep hydrated.

Mat placement

Designated mat places are marked on the floor, please use these when finding your spot to practice. 

Top left corner goes at the marker.

Locker usage

We are still a clear space studio.

No bags and absolutely no phones next to your mat in the studio.

Hand sanitiser must be used upon usage of the locker.

1 person may in use of the lockers at a time.

If you don't want to use the lockers, leave your gear in the car or at home.

No assisting

Sorry 'bout it.

Filmed classes

To continue to encourage staying at home and those watching our Live and On-Demand classes online, some classes will be filmed. 

You will not be on camera.

The teacher will be addressing both the room and those at home.

You can join us online here.

Clean up

Mat spray is available and required for you to clean down all personal mats and props. This is mandatory.

Studio cleaning towels are now available. 


Please keep to social distancing when packing up.

Be patient and considerate to your fellow yogis. 

Updated MindBody details

Please ensure all your contact and emergency details are up to date in your MindBody profile.

Whilst you are also required to check in with the QR Code, this is for our records should we need to reach out to your directly.


The waitlist works a treat. If your desired class is full, add yourself to the waitlist. You'll get a text or email if you're lucky and get added to the class. Now this is important.. please check your MindBody details to ensure notifications are switch on so you will receive this email, otherwise you may miss the memo, and get charge a no show fee.

Cancellation policy

Whilst we are in the phase, our T&Cs have changed:

• no shows: $15

• late cancel (2 hours prior) $10

No ifs or buts. 

Age limits

As usual, our age limit for classes still applies:

• 15+ may attend with a parent or guardian

• 17+ may attend by themselves

We will not be holding school holiday classes for the time being, but will make some more kids yoga classes available online.

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