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Pre and Post Natal Yoga at Radiant Sol

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Pre & Post Natal

A class dedicated to expecting mums and recently post Partum students. 

Our Pre and Post Natal classes offer safe postures wth a strong emphasis on the pelvic floor. 

Classes incorporate energy work, vocal toning and the use of therapeutic grade essential oils to help alleviate common ailments in pregnancy and postnatal such as aches, nausea and anxiety.


Students can also take learnings from the special modified asanas and sequences from our Pre & Post Natal classes into our other ​public classes. 

Suitable for every stage of pregnancy – beginners to advanced welcome.

Postnatal 6 weels for a natural birth, 12 weeks for c-section. 


Always get the doc's ok before attending. 

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Mums/Dads & Bubs

For new parents to connect and stretch with their new bub! 

Designed for Mums and Dads to bond with their little one through asana and breathwork in a relaxing and safe environment. 


Plus, connect with other local parents!


New Mums can expect to regain strength and stability, with this class catering to all Post-Natal needs. 

Suitable for babies 6 weeks to newly crawling**


Bookings are essential for this class. 


* Pram parking available through Bodhi & Ride.

** 6 weeks for women having had a natural birth, 12 for Caesarean.

*** Baby has full control of neck around 10 weeks, held poses will accommodate this.

***Always get doc's ok! 

Looking to know more? Feel free to reach out below. 

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