Our 6-week Prenatal Course if the perfect at-home yoga experience for you to practice to connect with yourself and your little one. 

Our Prenatal Yoga 6 Week Course is the perfect journey for you and your little one.

Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed for expecting mothers, with asana, pranayama and meditation practices catering the ever-changing body through the trimesters.


In the comfort and safety of your own home and in your own time, our Online Prenatal Yoga course will help you feel into your body and connect with your little one each and every week. 


Our Prenatal Yoga 6 Week Course includes:

• Numerous tutorials to ease you into the prenatal classes safely 

• 6 x weekly 60 min Prenatal classes

• 6 x weekly 30 min Prenatal classes

• 6 x weekly 60 min Slow Flow classes

• Prenatal Meditations and Breathing Techniques audios


This course is perfect for expecting mothers at any stage of their pregnancy and the classes can be replayed over and over.

Investment: $55



*As with any form of pre or postnatal exercise, please always get your doctor's ok that you are healthy and well to practice yoga at home with us online. 

Common questions....

"I am completely new to yoga, can I still do these classes?"
• Absolutely. These Prenatal Yoga classes can be considered entry-level yoga. It is recommended that you have been active prior to pregnancy, but these classes are all level friendly.

"I have practiced yoga for years, why can't I just keep do 'normal' yoga?"
• You can! But these Prenatal Yoga classes may help you adjust to your changing body. Early on in your pregnancy, you may feel just like before, but if things change, it's always good knowing how to modify or to adjust to your changing body. 

"Is it safe to practice Prenatal Yoga at home by myself?"
• Yes. We have set this course up so it is safe for you to practice at home. With video tutorials of common adjustments and simple classes to follow delivered by a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, this is the safest form of online yoga for you to practice at home.

"What's the benefit of online? Why can't I practice in a studio?"
• This is a great question.. Pre-COVID-19 Radiant offered casual drop-in Prenatal Classes and they were great. Lots of happy mummas joining us. Obviously, with COVID-19 restrictions, these in-studio classes were cancelled, and we moved online. The benefit of continuing online is you get to practice in your own time, in your own environment. Some days are different to the last. With appointments, work, morning sickness, this that and the other, it's just great to be able to have this practice to do in your own time, when you feel comfortable for it. Not on someone else's schedule. 


"Do I need to get my doc's ok to practice?"
• Yes. As with any form of pre or postnatal exercise, please always get your doctor's ok that you are healthy and well to practice yoga at home with us online. 


"What should I expect while doing this course?"
• Expect to be challenged. Expect to feel nurtured. Expect to feel comfortable with yourself and your changing body. Expect to breathe a little deeper. Expect to be more mindful of your journey. Expect to feel more prepared for the birthing experience. 

Giving as a gift? 

Purchase this course as a gift for your expecting loved one here. 


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