In terms of COVID, what do I need to know?

It's so good to be open again! You can scrub up on all our COVID comings and goings here.

How do I book?

All our in-studio bookings are made via MindBody. It's a piece of cake to use, and super safe. You can sign up here and start booking into your new favorite class. We do not accept walk-ins, all class attendance must be made via booking in online.

Do you have an introductory pass?

Yes we do! Our $59 New Student Intro Offer gives you 30 days to try as many of our classes and teachers as you would like. You can buy this here.

What should I bring?

Normally just yourself and an open attitude, but during the COVID-19 rescritions, everything: - mat - towel - water Extra items you might like to bring are: - block - strap - bolster, for Yin

What should I do when I arrive?

Please allow ample time for traffic and parking, you know how Melbourne can be! The last thing you want is to arrive late to your first yoga class to find you're locked out and/or stressed. Shoes off at the door, sanitise your hands and come up the stairs. At reception we'll take your name and sign you in, have a chat and show you around the studio. Out the back you'll leave your gear a locker - no phones or bags are to be by your side in the studio. Head to your mat and settle in - as easy as that.

I'm running late - can I still get in?

Nope, sorry 'bout it. We lock the studio door about 1 minute after the scheduled class start time. For the safety and respect of our students and teachers we cannot accept latecomers nor make exceptions. The first five minutes of a yoga class is all about finding stillness, silencing the mind, breathing exercises and safety information so please be mindful of your fellow yogis and refrain from interrupting the class.

What time do you open?

Our studio opens 15 minutes before class. For the respect and convenience of all students, we start and finish classes on time.

What's considered good yoga etiquette?

- Leaving your shoes downstairs.
- Putting all belongings, including phones, into a locker.
- Respecting your fellow yogis by keeping conversation to a minimum.
- Remaining in the studio for the duration of the class. Of course, if nature calls you can absolutely leave but if possible try and pop to the loo beforehand so you can absorb the entire class.
- Listening and respecting your teacher. If teacher says savasana, this isn't the time to perform a headstand ;)
- Cleaning your mat after the class using the sprays and wipes provided.
- Putting away any props you may have used for class.

Do you have showers?

We do, but during COVID-19 they are out of order. The hot water has been turned off anyway, so don't even try it, unless you're into that sort of thing ;)

What should I wear?

Something stretchy and easy to move around in. Most of our students opt for yoga leggings or shorts and a tank top.

Is the studio heated?

Yes. It's cosy, not hot. Slow Flow and Yin classes are heated to 24˚. Power Flow up to 28˚ During COVID-19, we are setting all classes to a max of 28˚.

Can I still practice with an injury/pregnancy?

We always direct you to discuss all injuries or health concerns with your doctor before practicing. With their advice, the decision is then up to you. Please note, practicing with any injury or condition is at your own risk. It is important to discuss any injuries with the teacher before class so they can offer modifications where needed. Always honour your body and back off if you ever feel pain. One of the amazing things about Yoga is that it is non-competitive - so please let go of any ego and practice within your limits. "Your ego is not your amigo." :)

Waitlist notifications

Make sure you don't miss important waitlist notifications double checking your preferences:

  • Log into your MindBody account

  • Go to MY INFO
  • Go to PROFILE
  • Under the PERSONAL section, click EDIT

  • SAVE

How to cancel out of a class

See this handy how to guide.

I have a pass, but I can't book in!

If you have just purchased a Studio Intro Pass, One Month Unlimited Pass or a Flexi Pass and are having trouble booking into a class, it's probably because you have already booked a class, so the activation date of your new pass starts after the class you're trying to book into. Confusing? Sorta. Can if be fixed? Of course! This ain't The Matrix. All you need to do is cancel out of any classes you have already booked into. Then book yourself into the first class you want to attend, then book back into the rest.

Do you have an App?

Yes! Download the MindBody App here. Search for Radiant Sol Yoga via the Explore tab. Be sure to click BUSINESSES when the search results pop up Click the HEART to save as your favorites. Too easy!

No shows or late cancel fees

Every booking, cancellation and no show greatly impacts our class schedule and studio offering. Yoga is all about accountability. We don't want to punish you for missing your favourite yoga class, but we are a small business and every booking counts. If you are on an Intro Pass, Unlimited Monthly Pass or any of our Memberships you will receive the following fees • No shows: $15 • Late cancels (2 hours prior): $10 If you are on a 3, 5 or 10 Flexi Pass, or a Causal Yoga Pass, there is no additional fee, but you will loose that pass. Late cancel is a generous 2 hours prior. If you're ever in an emergency, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are very understanding! See below on how to cancel out of a class. Fees will either be deducted from your stored cc, or sent to you to pay. Unpaid fees mean accounts will be locked until paid. The fees collected from our go towards supporting the charities we give to each month: Pay The Rent, RSPCA and Edga's Mission.

We are a phone-free zone

Yoga is a sacred practice, which means switching off and listening within. Whilst it's lovely to capture a quick snap of the studio we do ask that you limit this practice in the studio before class as people are arrive. Do not take photos of other people in the space. Please respect our teachers and other students privacy. Phone are absolnot permitted in the studio whilst the class is on. Please leave it at home, in your car or in our lockers, safe and sound. Give your mind a much needed break from that little device.

Age limits

Radiant is an adult yoga studio. On the occassion we hold kids classes, but our general public classes are for people aged 17+. Teenagers aged 15+ are welcome to attend classes with a parent of guardian. For children aged 14 and under, please keep an eye out for Kids Yoga classes on the school holidays.

I'm new to yoga - where do I begin?

We're so pleased you want to start your yoga journey!

We recommend beginners and those getting back into their practice to attend the Monday night Yoga Essentials, Slow Flow or Yin classes.
Yoga Essentials is all about the foundations of yoga. Good for newbies through to those needing to scrub up on their practice. Slow Flow is a hearty, smooth and, you guessed it, slow practice. These classes are good for any level, but for beginners they're great as there is lots of room to get into shapes, feel your away around and listen to cues. We love a good Slow Flow at Radiant, they are our signature class after all! Yin is also a nice class for beginners. In Yin we hold floor based poses for 3-5 mins, stretching deep into the facsia and muscles. Becuase there is lots of space to feel into each asana, the practice is very meditative and supportive.

Where can I park?

All street parking around the studio is free! Directly out the front of the studio on Bay St, there is 1hr parking. Only park here if you're deserate. On Raglan St, the corner with the petrol station, there are plenty of 2hr spots. And around the back of the studio on Lyons St, or further down Raglan St there are even all day parks - how about that! Always check the signs, there are some permit zones around this area and the ticket inspectors do scout the area.

Best PT options?

Trams The 109 tram line is the closest to the studio. Jump off at North Port and head down Raglan St, past Station St Cafe and The Railway Club Hotel towards Bay St. When you arrive at The Cornerstone, you'll see were just across the road/ The 96 tram line is also fairly close to the studio. Jump off at South Melbourne Market, head down Coventry St past O'Connells, take a little dog leg to the left at Pickles St, then right onto Ingles St, and when you arrive at Crockford St, turn left. Crockford turns into Bay St like magic and you'll find Radiant on your left. Buses The 234 bus from Collins St to Garden City takes you straight past the studio. Jump off at Radlan St. Radiant will be just a 2 min walk on your left. Bam!

Can I pay cash?

Nope, we are cashless. All bookings are to be made prior to arriving at the studio. This way all the admin is sorted before you arrive and you can just focus on being present, and we can focus on prepping for your class, no likes faffing around with admin before a yoga class anyway!

Radiant and COVID-19 Vaccine status

As per Vic Gov regulations, Radiant is welcoming only fully vaccinated students at this time. In order to assist our teachers and staff with managing checking vaccine certificates or valid exemptions before classes, we ask that you send a PDF of your vaccine certificate or a VALID exemption through to hello@radiantsol.com.au prior to your arrive. You can do this now. All information is kept confidental and will be delited, but this is the easiest way to manage this process, because really, we just want to get in and teach yoga. Thank you for following our protocols whilst we manoeuvre through this challenging time.