Radiant: Reflection

"Farewell 2021, hello 2022"

with Danielle Joan Pollock

Saturday 11th December | 4-6pm

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Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment. - Thich Nhat Hanh



A nourishing evening of self-care as we reflect on the 2021 and move with intention into 2022. 


All the feels were experienced this year, and as Christmas and the New Year approaches, it's important to take time to pause and reflect:

  • What has 2021 presented for you?

  • What can you take control of?

  • What do you need to take control of?

  • What can you let go of? 

  • How can you move more fluently into 2022 without the drags of the last couple years holding you back?


These last couple of years we've been tossed and toddled through all the things. And during that time we have changed. We've learned more, we've grown, we've seen things that naturally impact what we seek out of our life. 


When was the last time you actually just paused, reflected and reassessed?


In this two-hour journey of the past, present and future, workshop, we'll work through:

  • breathing practices

  • meditation

  • yin and restorative asanas

  • gratitude, journalling, intentions and manifesting


This workshop is a great way to see out the year on a positive note. 



Lydia's Full Moon Sound & Restore bonus

The following week, Lydia will be holding her Sound & Restore, which will make the perfect complement to this workshop after a week of sitting with your manifestations. 



Online and in person

The beauty of moving Radiant online is that this workshop can also be experienced at home online, live or later. 


If you attend the in person event, you'll also have access to the recording to watch and practice again. 





Saturday 11th December




General: $45

Members: $40 (please email to book)


Online only: $25


Workshop bundle of Lydia's Sound & Restore and Danielle's Radiant: Reflection: $80

Full Moon Restore & Sound

"Christmas & NY Special"

with Lydia Richards

Saturday 18th December | 4-6pm


“I can do nothing for you but work on myself.” - Ram Dass



Join Lydia as we lead into the Christmas / Ny break, on the night of the full moon for a nourishing two-hour masterclass incorporating restorative yoga, gentle somatic movement + pranayama, sound, and mantra.


This fully immersive evening blends everything that has become the essence of Lydia as both a student and transmitter of yoga. If you’ve ever been to one of her classes, you know Lydia’s intention is to always create a safe and nurturing space in which to surrender, explore and open to the prospect of presence, authentic rest, and rejuvenation.


Restore + Energetics

Guiding the intention behind this evening is the yogic teaching that to heal and end the suffering of the world and all living beings, we first must sit with and metabolise our own. Well-supported, long held restorative yoga postures can best enable us the space to do just that. These active rest postures, combined with a gentle pranayama practice will ready the busy nervous system for the unlearning to happen. 


Sound healing


Once the body and mind are ready, you will then bask in a live sound bath courtesy of Lydia’s arsenal of healing instruments including: An Indian Shruti box, crystal and metal sound bowls, wind chimes, gongs and alike. 



Never far from her harmonium, Lydia will also guide you in the Bhakti Yoga practice of devotional mantra chanting to help you drop fully into the energy of the heart and connect with Divine Source.


This carefully curated practice will help you rest and restore on a cellular level, stabilise your mind and open your heart ready for meaningful intention setting amid the unpredictable energy of the full moon.



Saturday 18th December



General: $55

Members: $45 (please email to book)

Workshop bundle of Lydia's Sound & Restore and Danielle's Radiant: Reflection: $80

Includes a $10 donation to City of Port Phillip's Share the Food.