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Corporate Subscriptions

Promote health & wellbeing at your office with a

Radiant Sol Corporate Subscription

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Corporate Subscriptions

At Radiant Sol, we've created a platform for your business to effectively promote health and wellness in the workplace, giving your staff access to our regular yoga and meditation classes. 

Our Corporate Subscriptions include a variety of our regular classes that will suit a typical workday through a cost-effective approach.

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How does this work? 

Between our morning and lunch classes, and yoga or meditation classes, we have you covered with a range of Subscriptions to meet your demand. 

Each Subscription can cater to a number of your staff members who will then have the ability to book into classes as they please. 

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There are so many benefits to practicing yoga or meditation throughout the workday, so here are our top 5 reasons why you and your staff will benefit from making use of our Corporate Subscriptions:

• Improve focus, causing fewer distractions during the day


• Cultivate creativity and smarter problem-solving across projects


• Enhance the overall mood and energy within the office

• Create an environment with less stress

• Promote health and wellness in the office, and be seen as a supportive employer in this space

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Our offerings

Radiant Sol offers 3 different Corporate Subscriptions:

Lunchtime Meditation

On Mondays and Thursdays we offer a 30 minute lunchtime meditation. 

Lunchtime Yoga and Meditation Classes

Mondays to Fridays we have either a 30 minute Meditation or a 45 minute Yoga class available. 

Morning and Lunchtime Yoga and Meditation Classes

Every weekday, we have 2 morning Yoga classes before work or 30 minute Meditation or 45 minute Express Yoga classes available at lunchtime. 

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Our studio

Our Radiant Loft is fully equipped to look after you and your staff before or during the work day. 

We have lockers, showers and towel hire.


Located at the top end of Port Melbourne, we're close to Ingles St, South Melbourne and the South Melbourne and Port Melbourne tram lines.  

Plus we have free parking all day long, just watch the times.

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Want to know more? 

For as little as $90 per month, our Corporate Subscriptions could be playing a vital role in enhancing your work environment. 

To receive your first week free, complete our application form below and we'll touch base with all the detail.

Corporate Subscriptions Application Form

It's great to hear you're interested in our Corporate Subscriptions. 

Please fill out the form below to get the ball rolling.

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