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The corporate life


Reconnect with your team and encourage health and wellness at whilst working from home.


Let's be honest - working from home can be lonely, uncomfortable and challenging for all.

The work place was a source of social interaction, and unfortunately Zoom meetings and Slack chats can only get you so far in the day to day. 

With anxiety and depression taking its toll on employees, it can be hard to keep the team engaged from afar.

Yoga and meditation has always been a source of support when dealing with any type of anxiety or depression. Especially in the work place. So why wouldn't it help now? From home, in their safe space, to help them connect with themselves and back with the team. 

Whilst we've transitioned all our yoga and meditation class online during COVID-19, we're still able to offer our Corporate classes online, from our home to your team's home.

At Radiant Sol we offer three main types of Corporate Yoga:

Private Classes 

A dedicated yoga or meditation class (or both!) that caters to your and your team.

These can be one-off team building classes or on going check ins. However you need to supply it, we'll provide it!

Corporate Subscription

With our online yoga platform, Radiant 'Solo', offering 15+ live classes each week and hosting over 280 yoga and meditation classes for on-demand 'practice-back', the Corporate Subscription gives you and your staff access to these classes to join live or in their own time to support them as they need right now.

School Classes

Home schooling is tough enough.

Add a little yoga and mindfulness to the school curriculum.

For more information about all of our Corporate Yoga offers at Radiant Sol, please reach out below and we'll be in touch.


"We just loved the yoga session!"

—  Sarah

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