Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

We talk the talk and walk the walk at Radiant Sol. 

Where possible we give back to the world that we can take for granted and want to sharwhat we do to continue to give back. 

Radiant Sol's Responsibility & Sustainability Rollerdex

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Every yoga teacher starts somewhere, not everyone can afford yoga, and charities need corporate supporters. 


Our Community Classes are a win-win for all parties. 

  • New yoga teachers gain unbeatable experience

  • Students pay just $10 for classes

  • All profits go to charities we just dig, like


What we consume can support and enrich the lives of so many people. 

That's why we use Who Gives A Crap and  Thankyou products.

Whilst their wild designs challenge our aesthetic (!), we put that to the side when we know the greater impact ever box or roll has on our world. 


The products we use during our classes are of the utmost importance when it comes to sustainability. 

  • Our Palo Santo is sourced from aged trees which have fallen naturally

  • Our Sage is sourced locally and is homegrown

  • Our oils are Australian ingredients and rebottled under our own label

  • Our candles are refilled with soy wax from Bird & Bee Candles 


Our studio is eco-friendly. 

These are how we keep the studio so fresh and so clean:

Shop Local

We support our local businesses to keep our ship running smoothly.


These are some of our go-tos:


Our yoga gear that we all use every day is either made from recycled products and/or eco-friendly with certifications.