Power Flow


We warm up in the radiant heat before advancing to a sequence where our bodies will flow with one breath, one movement. The rhythm of this class is dynamic and meditative, aiming to inspire you to get sweaty, extend your boundaries and stretch through all your muscles. Each class sequence is different, as variety is the spice of life and encourages us to not get stuck in ruts of both body or mind.

Suitable for all levels who enjoy an energetic practice.

Slow Flow


Lets chill a little, hey? Still get your groove on, but tone down the pace. Sequencing is easier, flowing and adaptable to your own level, so you won’t feel out of your depth. The wonderful foundation to breath and combination of centering and strengthening movement will leave you feeling zen. A great pick me up on a slow day, or a wind down after a hectic week, slow flow is for you!

All levels.

Power Flow / Yin


Energise and rejuvenate in our Power Flow and Yin fusion. Combining our signature Power Flow class with a slow and deep stretching Yin practice for the closing 20 minutes. Like the true balance of life and Qi, Yin and Power Flow make a perfect accompaniment to your day.

All levels.



Oh the sweet, sweet subtlety of Yin! Contrary to popular belief, Yin is not a restorative class, but rather our slowest form of yoga and deepest form of stretch. A complement to athletes or those with rigidity that prevents mobility and range of movement. Yin allows you to become serene as your heart rate slows, mind clears, and your body reconnects. Bliss!

All levels.

Slow Flow / Yin


Meditation and Yoga Nidra


Your express dose of calm and clarity! This is not a traditional meditation class, instead we use some techniques of meditation to focus on our minds with relaxed attention. Gain insight to better consciously respond, rather than unconsciously react, to life’s ups and downs. The tools learned in class will provide an appreciation and understanding of how complex our minds are, and how we can rewire them to reconnect with ourselves and others.

30 minutes.

Community Flow


Add another weekend session to your practice in an environment where newly certified teachers can build confidence and experience. This class will blend a combination of our signature Slow & Power Flow with a dollop of mindfulness. By attending these future stars classes, you will empower them to enhance their style while you enjoy a dynamic practice.

$10 for non-members and free for members. 24 degrees.

All profits go to charity.

Mums/Dads & Bubs


A nurturing space for you and your baby with a post-natal practice that has been designed for new mothers and baby-daddies.

This class also offers baby yoga practices to soothe and calm, promote sleep, good digestion, boost immunity and aid baby's brain and motor development.

Yoga Essentials

CULTIVATE Dive deeper into your practice by focusing on essential vinyasa foundations. Recommended and vital for all levels, particularly those who are new to yoga or returning to the mat. Taught by a highly experienced senior teacher. Fine tune and support your regular practice.



Experience a class dedicated to you and your changing body and learn all the tips to take into your public classes, prepare for birth and post natal.