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The first of its kind to be offered in Australia, these private sessions and workshops create a union between horse and human through a series of yoga, mindfulness and equine therapy.


Workshops are a great way to further develop your practice and learn something new. 

Summer Challenge - Support Wildlife Victoria

10 Days | starting anytime for you in Jan or Feb

With the dawn of the new year comes the desire to start a new productive routine, a healthy new habit, and the opportunity to help our wildlife affected by the fires. 

So we're having a Summer Challenge to help you achieve all your goals!

Unlike our other Challenges, this Summer Challenge will start when you are ready, this January or February. 

You'll then have 10 days to practice unlimited classes and get your healthy new yoga habit underway. 

You determine your goals, you practice as much as you need to, we give the $$ to the animals. 

All Challengers receive half price off our Yoga Essentials Masterclass on the 8th of Feb, too! 

So if you've got a niggling drive to do a bit more yoga this summer, carry on a good habit, and support our fire-affected communities that little bit more, please join the Challenge!



General: $79 

Members: $10 (please email hello@radiantsol.com.au to sign up)

The Alchemy of Movement & Sound

Friday 31st January | 7-9pm with Jules and Inner Soul Sounds


Back by popular demand! Limited space - book early to avoid disappointment!



Welcoming you into a beautiful experience of exploration and nourishment through the alchemy of movement and sound.


Jules and Mark will be taking you on a two-hour journey through a soothing and deep state of meditation, flow, yin & Nidra practice.


The worldly sounds of Gongs, crystal bowls, handpan, didgeridoo, shamanic drumming, and Native American flute will become your backdrop.


Let yourself go and allow yourself to experience the exchange of yoga and sound.




Inner Soul Sounds


The Vibration of Sound is another powerful healing tool to help us to connect back with ones self, help us enter a deep meditative state where the healing work can begin. Sound has a powerful way of shifting and releasing blocked energies, blocked emotions or even just helping our tired muscles relax and heal. It is the vibrational way to find a deep sense of inner peace.

Inner Soul Sounds grew up surrounded by the power of music. His intuitive self exploration and study into tribal sounds created an expression for his own personal healing journey, inspiring him to share these gifts with as many people as possible. His music repertoire extends from the Handpan, to percussion, gongs, crystal bowls and even the didgeridoo - being drawn to all instruments that connect the listener to the vibration that exists behind all things.


General: $49
Members: $39 (please email hello@radiantsol.com.au to book)


Each month or so we hold a Yoga Essentials Masterclass - an extended workshop-style class that's designed to help beginners through to yogi-pros master the practice of yoga.


This session is all about the Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskār and Chaturangas, hosted by Sarah Bunnell!


Sun Salutations are the Vinyasa Flow sequences you'll find in any Flow based class at Radiant Sol. They form the foundation of any flow class to create heat, energy and stamina, so it's always worth unpacking the basics to enhance your everyday practice. 


We'll be covering poses like:

- Tadasana - Mountain 

- Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Dog

- Chaturanga Dandasana - High / Low Plank / Modified

- Urdhva Mukha Svanasana - Up Dog

And oh so much more...





General: $30

Members: $10 (please email hello@radiantsol.com.au)

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