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Palo Santo - 4 pack

Missing the scent of the Radiant loft? Take home a little Radiant magic with these Palo Santo sticks. 


Palo Santo is the Holy Wood and is often burned around the Radiant studio before class to clear the energy so you can settle into the space. This is what you can smell as you walk up the stairs! Palo Santo is not only grounding and smells beautiful to complement your yoga and meditation pracitce, but can provide respirtory support when fighting colds. 


Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested in Peru.


Each stick is approx 10cm long, 2.5cm thick.

Each stick will last many many many burns. It's a keeper. 


$1 of every sale goes to Edgar's Mission

Palo Santo - 4 pack


To use, burn the end of the stick with a match or from a candle till it glows red in places, about 10-20 seconds. If stick alights with a flame, gently blow it out. Then wave the glowing end around the room, allowing the smoke and scenet to fill the air. Be careful with the open flame and watch for any ash that may fall off. Place in your favorite pottery dish to keep safe. The stick will die down, it won't keep burning like inscense. Light again when ever you need. 

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