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Are you new to yoga? 

Not sure where to start? 

Returning to your practice after a little break? 

Or looking for an in-depth spruce up of your practice? 

Well this is the place for you!

In this 4-part course, Danielle will guide you through the foundations of a yoga practice. 

You'll learn the ins and the outs, get a feel your practice and really start to find your flow. 

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What is Yoga Essentials?

Yoga Essentials is Radiant's take on the foundations of your yoga practice - a practice for every body.

Yoga basics catering to all

From moving through Sun Salutations to perfecting your breath, mastering your arm balance of choice or learning how to overcome the fear around a backbend, each week our Yoga Essentials classes will take you on a journey of alignment, embodiment and unity. 


Class format

Each class is treated like a mini-workshop, offering the extra space for our teacher to guide you through the basics of the practice - breaking down sequences or asanas, giving time to alignment and focussing on the specifics each week's theme. 

Each class includes a warm-up, movement through a sequence based on the class's theme, a pose lab break down, a chance to move through the sequence implementing what you've learned, a cool down and a lovely long savasana. 


A safe practice is a long term practice

Alignment plays such a big role in our yoga practice, so knowing where and why we cue the things we cue in a class can be a game-changer with your time on the mat. 

Who is this class for? 

Everyone!! Our Yoga Essentials classes are perfect for beginners learning the ropes through to advanced students looking to improve their practice - there is always something new to learn. 


Variety is key

Week by week our Radiant teachers rotate holding this Yoga Essentials space so you'll always find something new to learn with each visit. 


Is this a course?

Not quite. We want to ensure our Yoga Essentials classes are available to everyone, no matter how long or not so long you've been practising. 

You can drop in to one class, you can attend on any of your passes or memberships, including an Intro Pass, or if you're keen to focus and hone in on the Essentials, you can get it on a Yoga Essentials 6 Week Pass, where you can treat each week like a course. 


Do I have to attend these consecutively? 

No. We have split up the Yoga Essentials classes so they're treated like yoga-silos. No matter where join in, you'll find yourself at the beginning of your practice. We will always teach to who is in the room and their needs. 


Are these classes recorded so I can watch back in my own time?

Yes, they are. Online access is only available to those who attend the class. The recording will be made available a couple of days after. 

This is the perfect way to perfect your practice and create muscle memory in the body with each asana or sequence. 

How do I sign up?

Bookings are essential for all classes at Radiant.

If you are new to the studio, you're welcome to join with our Studio Intro Pass, which also gives you access to try out our other classes on the schedule. Alternatively, if you are wanting to just attend these Yoga Essentials classes, you can practice with a 6 Class Pass for Yoga Essentials classes.

Any of our other Flexi passes or Memberships are also available to attend these classes.

When are these Yoga Essentials classes?

Generally they'll be found on Saturday mornings at 11:15am.

Always check the schedule for the most up to date timings.

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