Ever fancied doing a juice cleanse but didn't know where to start, or who to do it with, or what you can do while you're juicing? 

We've teamed up with Green St Juice Co to create Juicy Moves!

A 2-week adventure together, with a 3-day juice cleanse, all the yoga, a sauna session from Ritual Biohacking and some extra perks along the way!


Wed 8th – 22nd June

Juicing from 8th – 10th June


General: $300

Members: $250

Why a juice cleanse?

Greene Street organic & low sugar cleanse programs have been naturopathically designed to encourage the removal of toxic build-up stored in our bodies. The aim? To bring you back to feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

They believe the most overlooked health issues in society come down to two simple, but critical issues:

1. toxicity

2. nutritional deficiency

What's more, all the science points to these two factors being directly linked. The build-up of toxic residue in our bodies is due to constant long-term exposure to chemicals and pesticides in the environment we live in and food we eat. This results in bodies that fail to absorb or properly use the nutrients needed to thrive.

So why join Juicy Moves?

If you've ever done a juice cleanse you know it can be a lonely thing to do by yourself. 

By joining the Radiant Juicy Moves, you can surround yourself with your fellow juicing community and add a little 'we're all in this together' spirit to your cleanse! 

Plus, with regular yin classes to do whilst on the cleanse, plus a couple extra weeks to go forth and practice till your cleansed heart's content, you can develop healthy associations with your yoga practice.

Tell me about the Juicy Moves schedule?

Overall, we'll have 15 days together, starting 8th June.

The cleanse will start on Wednesday 8th till Friday 10th June.

On those 3 days, there will be 3 classes to join.

These classes are complementary to a juice cleanse.

We do not recommend doing flow classes during these 3 days.


Cleansing classes: 

Wednesday 8th – Alan's 7:40pm Yin

Thursday 9th – Caroline's 7:40pm Mellow & Yin

Friday 10th – Leonie's 6:15pm Yin

All these classes will be live streamed in case you can't join in person.

Then, there's a couple weeks fr all the yoga as you fancy. 

You can then arrange your Ritual Biohacking Sauna session, yes that's the one out the back of the studio!

To complement the post-cleanse days, we've got a few freebies.. 

Wanderlust Ashwagandha: traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to calm nerves and as an adaptogen to help the body adapt to stress. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

• $50 off facials at Feeling Smooth

• 15% off anything at Acai Brothers Port Melbourne

Then to wrap up, we'll have a closing yoga class to see how we've all managed over the last few weeks.


Closing class:

Friday 22nd – Nick's 6:15pm Vinyasa Flow

Talk to me about logistics!

So once you've registered, we'll be in touch to work out what type of juice package you'd like to drink, how to book in your sauna visit, and all the other things. 

Do I have to join the Cleansing and Closing classes?

No, of course not. But they will be there if you feel like joining and talking about how you're feeling so far on the cleanse, what you miss most about food​, or just be surrounded by like-minded people that get you the most in this moment!

During the 3 day cleanse, we do not recommend doing flow yoga classes. Yin only.

Just keep things cruisy. 

But after, you're welcome to go to town! 

Other forms of exercise you might like to do whilst on the cleanse are:

  • meditation / mindfulness

  • gentle walk

Nothing OTT, just lovely wholesome love-filled stuff.

Got questions? Reach out!

We're still adding the final touches on this whole thing, but if you've got questions, please email

Can I choose what juice cleanse to go on?

Yep! Once you've registered, we'll be in touch about this. You can choose from:

The Reset

Active Body

Fast Fat Loss

Gut Health

Autumn immunity

When do I need to book by?

Bookings close Sunday 5th June – 12pm.

Why you ask?

So Green St Juice Co can have enough time to make up our juices!