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"I wish I could just hit pause slow time"


Do you find yourself too busy all the time?

Running as fast as you can to keep up with all of your responsibilities and commitments? 

Do you feel frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed or tired?

Then good news, this retreat is for you!



5 days, 4 nights

Friday 30th September – Tuesday 4th October


$3,500 AUD ($2,352 USD)

More on this below...

Join Danielle and Lucie at the end of September for the

Radiant Sol Yoga x Pa||se 2 Thrive

Wellness & Business Retreat!

Take a deep breath, you have now arrived in Bali.

Allow yourself to Pause and to step into the next phase your life with ease.

We have arranged everything for your next 5 days.


So what is the Radiant Sol Yoga x Pa||se 2 Thrive Bai Retreat? 

It's more than an excuse for a holiday to Bali – it's a trip that will help you action your next move. 

A retreat that will allow space for you to pause, reflect, plan and be ready for what you most desire.


Maybe you work for yourself and are looking to take you business to the next level?

Perhaps you're planning a big life-move, like a baby or buying a house?

Maybe a career change or a promotion are needing a little extra thought.

Maybe you don't know what you want, or you're in a bit of a rut, but know something needs to change?

Whatever it is, a step out of the everyday and into the warm surrounds of Bali – it's ready for you.

A big part of all these major life-moves are wrapped around your finances – having the $$ to support your professional or personal goals.

This retreat will offer the headspace to step into a financially secure and supported life, while having a ball in Bali.

Shake things up

Many people feel they’re on a treadmill and can’t seem to get off. This seems all too common these days with people trying to juggle it all and keep up with the many tasks, projects, and people in their life, and even more when you are running a business. 

The secret is to get off the treadmill!

Remember that you are more than that treadmill. 

You have a soul, a spirit, a unique essence.