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"I wish I could just hit pause slow time"


Do you find yourself too busy all the time?

Running as fast as you can to keep up with all of your responsibilities and commitments? 

Do you feel frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed or tired?

Then good news, this retreat is for you!



5 days, 4 nights

Friday 30th September – Tuesday 4th October


Early-bird: $4,000 AUD ($2,750 USD), paid in full by 5th September

General: $4,500 AUD ($3,100 USD)

More on this below...

Join Danielle and Lucie at the end of September for the

Radiant Sol Yoga x Pa||se 2 Thrive

Wellness & Business Retreat!

Take a deep breath, you have now arrived in Bali.

Allow yourself to Pause and to step into the next phase your life with ease.

We have arranged everything for your next 5 days.


So what is the Radiant Sol Yoga x Pa||se 2 Thrive Bai Retreat? 

It's more than an excuse for a holiday to Bali – it's a trip that will help you action your next move. 

A retreat that will allow space for you to pause, reflect, plan and be ready for what you most desire.


Maybe you work for yourself and are looking to take you business to the next level?

Perhaps you're planning a big life-move, like a baby or buying a house?

Maybe a career change or a promotion are needing a little extra thought.

Maybe you don't know what you want, or you're in a bit of a rut, but know something needs to change?

Whatever it is, a step out of the everyday and into the warm surrounds of Bali – it's ready for you.

A big part of all these major life-moves are wrapped around your finances – having the $$ to support your professional or personal goals.

This retreat will offer the headspace to step into a financially secure and supported life, while having a ball in Bali.

Shake things up

Many people feel they’re on a treadmill and can’t seem to get off. This seems all too common these days with people trying to juggle it all and keep up with the many tasks, projects, and people in their life, and even more when you are running a business. 

The secret is to get off the treadmill!

Remember that you are more than that treadmill. 

You have a soul, a spirit, a unique essence.

So why Bali? 

For Lucie, Bali is home. 

"Bali is a special place in my heart, Bali was home for over 5 years and this place is magical. You are treated like royalty there and it's refreshing, you can focus on what matters to you. I am sharing this experience with Danielle and you because running a business is far from being the easy path in life! But we all know why we started, isn't it?


Because we want flexibility, time for ourselves & for the family, be fulfilled, have joy & fun!"


Work / life balance

When it comes to a work / life balance, both Lucie and Danielle have learned a few things in this corporate to entrepreneurial life of ours: 


BE SAFE by being on top of finances:

Numbers talk and if you run a business, you must understand your numbers and it can be easy and fun, yes!


BE UNSTOPPABLE by having a plan:

Set goals and define your personal and business roadmap to achieve them, going away to recharge can help you see the bigger picture and revise your action plan


BE PREPARED by having the right tools:

 Lucie's "Dream to Life" framework and toolbox tricks can help you make fast decisions with calculated and limited risks, staying aligned with what's important – being equipped for the storm.

A typical day

6am – Start your day with Radiant Sol Yoga & Meditation with the sound of waves

7.30am – Delicious breakfast facing the ocean

8.30am – Pause||Thrive Workshop

10am – Tea break with the sound of birds

10.30am – Pause||Thrive Workshop

12.30pm – Delicious Lunch prepared by the Chef

1.30pm – Me-Time – Walk, Read, Reflect, Nap, Pool, Walk..

3.30pm – Pause||Thrive Workshop / Radiant Sol Yoga & Meditation

5pm – Sunset time: Massage, Pool, Dance, Chat..

6.30pm – Wonderful Dinner

8pm – Stars gazing downtime & reflection


As the days go by...

More than just yoga, this retreat will have you planning for your future, in a fun way!

Day 1 – Arrive in Bali. The Driver is waiting for you at the airport. 

Massage, sunset time, relax. You are in Bali. Welcome dinner under the stars.


Day 2 – Dream to Vision: What do you want? & What do you truly desire?

It's all about you, you are your business, your dreams into goals

Day 3 – Vision to Action Plan: Let's make it real! Creation of your business roadmap

Action plan aligned with your business goals, designing your roadmap


Day 4 – But what if?: Financial projections, limiting risks, Business dashboard

A real optimistic leader calculates risks (worst-case scenario)


Day 5 – Make it real: Decision-making process & main milestones

Keep a success & growth mindset, action plan & "See you soon" celebration


Workshops are a series of fun games, techniques, tools, mindsets, and coaching sessions.. 

It won't be boring as it sounds, good vibes only!


You will leave reinvigorated and ready to thrive, aligned with your personal or business goals.

So tell me more...

Where are we going? 

To the village of Balian, to a private resort right on the beach, it's just us, the sea and the birds.

No-one else will be around!

The Cove is a private luxury resort in away from all the hustle-bustle.

How many people can come?

This retreat is open to a maximum of 8 guests.

Sleeping arrangements

It's twin share, so if you want to come with a friend, you can be in the same room together and even score a discount. 

The rooms are nice and roomy, inside outside vibes and come with all the bells and whistles you'd want in a luxury private resort.

The Cove

Being a private resort right on the beach, we have access to the whole place:

– the swimming pool

– the beach

– surfing

– tennis

– surfing

– massage


Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is really for anyone who needs to rest: to stop overworking or who needs to take some control to step into the next stage of their life.

For those who are seeking joy in their life while resting and connecting with other amazing entrepreneurs and rad people in Bali!


If you're needing a REST and a clear ACTION PLAN – this is the retreat for you!

Your life is precious, you want your time back, you want to have it ALL, business and personal because – yes! You can have it all.

A slice of heaven: The Cove

The secluded & beachfront resort is dedicated to relaxing your body and enriching your soul, far from the hustle and bustle of the world.


Luxury, plenitude & private


Discover this peaceful, laid-back atmosphere that induces deep serenity, this private beachfront resort is like no other, only for us. It is located in an unspoiled and pristine area of the island.

A stunning property with direct beach access, the resort is immersed in nature, set among tropical gardens, lush coconut groves, and beautiful flowers.

Enjoy delicious meals prepared by the Chef & savor the rich taste of Indonesian cuisine.

It is a true tropical retreat. The architecture of the villa enhances the exotic beauty of the island, where lush gardens, coconut trees, and bright flowers abound. From the balconies, you can take in the spectacular surroundings and listen to the sound of waves and of tropical birds.

Every room has a view of the ocean, and a terrace or patio to make the most of it. You will be sharing the room with another Queen.


Wake up to the sound of waves and songbirds 

Watch the ocean from every room


The sound of waves will accompany you throughout the property as you enjoy your breakfast, read your book, or relax with a massage.

 Close your eyes, you are in the Infinity pool chilling, the warm sun on your face while watching the sunset with a cocktail or a squeezed juice... Relax, and let the exotic splendour take care of the rest.


Meet your hosts

Danielle Joan Pollock | Radiant Sol Yoga

Hello! Before living the dream and owning a yoga studio, I worked in advertising. The busyness of the corporate world was slowly killing me, without me realising, and one day, I just quit. I left ad-world and joined a YTT, and the rest is histroy.

Working in the wellness space is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing – but it doesn't come without its challenges. Being a small business owner, surviving through the last couple years in Melbourne were no picnic. The last year of being open and 'back to normal' has increased the speed of everything, I want to do it all, but it's already August... everything feels like it's going a little too fast, so for me, this retreat will be a much needed Pause to review my business goals and step into the next phase of my personal life.

Lucie Hautreux | Pa||se 2 Thrive

I am Lucie! French roots, I love exploring. I lived in 5 different countries before moving to Melbourne. Independent, I am also grounded, organised and analytical. I have a Master's degree from a French Business school & 11 years of experience. I am an entrepreneur since 2016, I started my Financial & Business consultancy business in Bali while eating a gelato!

As a consultant & coach, I helped over 40 small business owners get their finances right and align their businesses with their lifestyle by mastering time, numbers & having a structure."

Can't you just see yourself here? 


Arrive Friday 30th September

Depart Tuesday 4th October


Ok, let's talk money. There's a few ways to pay, the quicker you pay, the cheaper it is.

Early bird

$4,000 AUD ($2,750 USD)

Pay in full by Saturday 20th August


$4,500 AUD ($3,100 USD)

All spots are twin share, we'll partner you up with we think you'll get a long with! 

But if you'd like to join with a friend and be in the same room, that works too! Plus, you can both receive $250 off the price if you do! Please reach out to arrange this.

Flights not included, but everything else is – food, drinks, airport transfers, activities, yoga, workshops, good times.

Yes, it's all happening very soon, but there is no time like the present to get your life together! And today, by committing, will be the first step in the right direction! You'll thank yourself later!

Secure your spot today!

Email us below to secure your spot.

Questions? Reach out!


Both Lucie and Danielle are around to field your questions! 


Some T&Cs and FAQs


Covid vax ✅ 

To visit Bali, you must be double vaccinated for covid-19.


Flights are not included within the fee.

Airport pickup / drop off

When you arrive in Bali, airport transfers will be waiting for you.

Once booked, we'll liaise with you to organise all this stuff.

Dietary required

Once booked, please let us know of any dietary requirements.

Non-fundable deposits

To secure your spot, you can pay a non-refundable deposit as per the payment plan.

There are only 8 spots available in this retreat.

Cancellations (non-covid related)

Cancellations 15 days prior from start date forfeit deposit and / or 50% total payment.

All cancellations within 14 days of departure forfeit total payment.

Covid related cancellations

If you experience covid-19 symptoms and can no longer join us on the retreat, please urgently contact us to discuss options. Refunds may not be available, however fees can be applied to our next retreat – which won't be far off!

Retreat cancellation

If the retreat is cancelled due to limited numbers or major event, 100% refund or exchange for our next retreat will be applied. This will be discussed as needed.

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