For $49, you can practice as many classes as humanly possible for 30 days, while helping create the perfect work/life balance and working on your personal development.
It's win-win.
Our 30 Day Studio Intro Pass gives new students the chance to explore the studio, try out our classes on offer, meet our friendly teachers and give yourself a little TLC and personal growth that compliments your day-to-day work. 
Yoga and meditation practices are proven to help assist with anxiety and stresses caused at work. 
It also helps creates clarity, unlock new ideas, release energy.
Ooo, Tell Me More
Our classes cater to all the people!
Beginners to advanced.
Flow yoga to meditation.
Old and young.
Flexible and unflexbile!
It's doesn't matter - if you have a body, you can find something special with us at Radiant Sol.
Just 1-2 classes a week can become your little secret weapon in your professional career!
So go on, give it a shot, you know it'll make a difference in one way or another ;)
Plus, you don't have to bring anything - just yourself, oh and maybe a hand towel (!). We have mats, change rooms, lockers, and showers and lots of good vibes to calm the mind. 
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Radiant Sol Yoga Port Melbourne